Thursday, September 1, 2011

Grass Update

My new strategy is to plant grass seeds every 2 weeks, keep the soil surface moist with sprinkler, and add fertilizer every 4 weeks.  I started in mid-July, and so far had seeded 3 times, fertilized twice.  The grass is growing deep green, but coverage is still not 100%.  Coverage increases after each planting, but it's not easy to get 100% coverage.  I spent effort pulling weeds out, especially the crab grass.  I also made a home-made rain gauge using a shallow bucket with inch markings to keep track of rain fall.  It is quite useful, because sometimes the rain would seem heavy, but accumulation is minimal, and sometimes it doesn't look wet, but had accumulated more than 1 inch.

repeated planting helps to increase coverage and keeping the ground surface moist improves the grass's survivability.  I think this strategy is working out better than previous strategy which is to plant a lot of seeds at once.

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